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Thirty Eight Weeks – Bump Update


I can officially say that Miss Lilah will be here soon. At my appointment yesterday, I was dilated to 2 1/2 cm and was 70% effaced. We asked about scheduling an induction and it has been scheduled for July 22nd. I have dilated and effaced enough to not need Cervidil, so that morning I will just be going in to get Pitocin and hopefully everything progresses well from there. Lilah baby will be here in nine days, if not sooner if she decides to come on her own. I can’t wait for our little girl to arrive. Now that the induction date is scheduled, it’s getting more and more real that soon our lives will be consumed with this little baby. Austin and I have two weekends left as a couple without a child and truthfully, it’s a little scary.

Austin has been so sweet lately. Most of the pregnancy, he hasn’t seemed that interested in things, but lately he’s been wanting to do nothing but talk to Lilah and feel all her kicks and movements. I love this picture that I took yesterday while he cuddled with us, talked to her, and eventually took a little nap while holding onto my belly.


Week: Thirty-eight

Baby is the size of: a pumpkin.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty-eight Weight: 165 pounds

Weight Gain: 30 pounds

Movement: Of course. Baby girl loves to keep her feet in my ribs.

Food Cravings: Barbecue sauce. I’m back to eating it on almost anything.

Food Aversions: Nothing. Eating anything I can get my hands on.

Symptoms: Swelling, heartburn, back pain, pressure, and contractions.

Looking forward to: Induction date! It’s set for July 22nd, so nine days until Lilah baby arrives!

Recently bought: Nothing for Lilah baby, but we did buy a few things for a friend who is due in September.


Thirty Six Weeks – Bump Update

I’m slacking so much on this blog. I’ve had to work on homework most of the weekend since the end of the semester is tomorrow.

As I’m writing this today, I’m having pretty consistent contractions that are about eight minutes apart at the moment. I’m really hoping that this is for real. I really want my baby girl here.

Week: Thirty-six

Baby is the size of: a honeydew.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty-six Weight: 161 pounds

Weight Gain: 26 pounds

Movement: Very hard kicks to the ribs. She loves moving around at night once Austin leaves for work.

Food Cravings: Jolly Rancher Popsicles. Austin bought me some Saturday night and I’ve been in heaven ever since.

Food Aversions: Nothing really. I’ve been eating what I can when I can.

Symptoms: Back pain, some contractions, belly button is poking out more, having bad heartburn, and swelling on feet.

Looking forward to: Lilah baby coming. :]

Recently bought: Austin bought Lilah a onesie that says “This isn’t crying, this is my soundcheck.” We both thought it was cute since Austin is back in a band. My parents bought me a maternity shirt since most of mine are becoming short on me and a couple of nursing sleep outfits for after I have her.

Thirty Five Weeks – Bump Update

Once again, no pictures of me. 😦 Austin and I went to the zoo this week to celebrate our one year anniversary and even though I asked several times for him to take a picture of me, we always seemed to forget.

On Friday, we had our second bi-weekly appointment. Lilah was super active during the appointment. She was so active when they were checking her heartbeat, that it was 163 bpm. At the last two appointment it had only been 146 bpm because she had been very active right before we went in and then by the time they checked her heartbeat she was relaxing.

They did my Group B Strep test and then after telling them that I had been feeling a lot of pressure and a few more contractions, they asked if I wanted them to check my cervix. I agreed because I’m really over being so miserable. Unfortunately, my cervix is still closed up tight, but Lilah is head down and right there, which explains the increase in pressure.

On Saturday, we went to the zoo for a little anniversary celebration. I was hoping the walking would cause some contractions to start, but it really didn’t. I had a couple consistent ones that were eight minutes apart while we were walking through the lion exhibit and then after that they stopped. I did experience a lot more pressure most of the day though, so maybe it helped. Hopefully some progress will happen between now and my next appointment on July 5th. I really want to meet my daughter.

Week: Thirty-five

Baby is the size of: a coconut.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty-five Weight: 160 pounds

Weight Gain: 25 pounds

Movement: My little night owl is keeping me up most nights with her painful kicks to my ribs. On Friday night, she decided that her daddy and I didn’t need that much sleep because she was going crazy with her kicking, punching, and stretching. Her movements have been so strong and painful lately that they’re causing me to start crying.

Food Cravings: Pancakes. On Sunday, I talked Austin into going to IHOP and he agreed. 😀

Food Aversions: I’ve been eating pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I always seem to be hungry.

Symptoms: Still having back pain and heartburn. My feet have been starting to swell a little and my belly button is starting to become an outie.

Looking forward to: Getting thing done for Lilah’s room. Her crib is ordered and on it’s way and so is her bedding and activity gym. Her room should be getting carpeted this weekend as well.

Recently bought: My parents bought her crib, bedding, and activity gym. We’re just waiting for them to arrive. We’ve stopped buying baby clothes. We have so many things and family has told us that they’re giving us things that their daughters have outgrown so I think we’re set on clothes for awhile. I’ve had to have Austin pull me out of baby sections of stores so that I don’t buy anything else.

Thirty Four Weeks – Bump Update

Six more weeks left. I really want it to be here already.

We went shopping this weekend and bought some more clothes for Miss Lilah. Unfortunately, since we were so busy we didn’t get around to taking any pictures of me. I look about the same as I did last week. The only real difference is that I’ve started to drop a little bit.

Week: Thirty-four

Baby is the size of: a butternut squash.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty-four Weight: 158 pounds

Weight Gain: 23 pounds

Movement: All the time. I just love it. She may keep me up all night, but I love feeling my baby move around and kick me.

Food Cravings: Strawberry banana smoothies. :]

Food Aversions: None this week. I’ve been eating everything I can.

Symptoms: More back pain, some headaches, heartburn, and Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure and more and more little contractions as the weeks go on.

Looking forward to: Carpeting Lilah’s room, as well as getting a few more things for her. My parents are buying her crib, a couple dressers, and activity gym this week. Can’t wait to get her room done.

Recently bought: We went to Once Upon a Child and bought thirty-nine things. Then went to Target and bought a couple things that I didn’t get off my registry. I also got a couple things from Wal-Mart. My mom also bought her a little outfit, Austin’s mom bought her a little pair of shoes, and then I got a her a pair of sunglasses. The first picture shows the things from Once Upon a Child. The big picture is all of the items and then the smaller pictures show some of the main things that Austin and I both liked. The second picture is the few things from Target (a blanket, an outfit, some mittens, and then a hat and bootie set). The third picture is the things from Wal-Mart (a onesie that Austin insisted I get, some hairbands, and a package of tights). The last few pictures are the little things that our parents bought and then the sunglasses that I got.


Thirty Three Weeks – Bump Update


Week: Thirty-Three

Baby is the size of: a durian.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty-Three Weight: 159 pounds

Weight Gain: 24 pounds

Movement: All the time. Especially at night when I want to go to sleep. Lilah baby does not like me getting any rest. Luckily, I can curl up with Austin during the day after he gets off work and she settles down because her daddy is around.

Food Cravings: Peaches and strawberry banana smoothies.

Food Aversions: The smell of coffee became something that upset my stomach again this week.

Symptoms: Still having back pain. On multiple occasions I’ve had Braxton Hicks contractions. Nausea somewhat came back this week as well.

Looking forward to: More baby clothes shopping this weekend. :]

Recently bought: We went around to some yard sales and picked up a few onesies, sleepers, and outfits for Lilah. Then we went to a place called Ollie’s and bought her a book and this amazingly soft blanket. There are a few other things that aren’t pictured, but that’s because they’re still being washed.

lilah 3lilah 2

Thirty Two Weeks – Bump Update


Week: Thirty-Two

Baby is the size of: a squash.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty-Two Weight: 157

Weight Gain: 22

Movement: Yes. I also have to start counting how long it takes her to move ten times. So far, she’s very active. Most of the time she kicks me or moves ten times in less than ten minutes.


Food Cravings: Barbecue sauce. I put it on almost anything anymore.

Food Aversions: Fish and Austin’s energy drinks. He had one Friday when we went shopping and our car smelled like it all day long. Did not make for a good trip for me.

Symptoms: Back pain and some Braxton Hicks contractions. Luckily, I haven’t had any problems with Lilah laying on my sciatic nerve this week, so my legs haven’t been hurting.

Looking forward to: Cookout at my cousin’s tomorrow. My aunt is still in town from North Carolina. Austin and I are also looking forward to Miss Lilah to come. Eight more weeks seems like forever from now.

Recently bought: On Friday, Austin and I went shopping to get some things we still needed for Lilah. We got some onesies, an owl outfit, a pair of shorts, and a skirt for her. I tried to stay away from the clothes, but of course it didn’t happen. I also got her some receiving blankets, diapers, a hooded towel, some socks, some things to make headbands for her, and honey apple body wash and lotion. I can’t seem to resist baby socks. They are just too adorable. I know we definitely have more than we need for a summer baby. I also bought me a few tank tops, like the one in my pictures, and the headband I’m wearing in my pictures.


Three Future Cousins


I know I posted this picture almost two weeks ago after my baby shower, but my cousin on the right finally found out what she is having and they finally told everyone that they’re expecting a baby.

Ginny is expecting a little girl, who is to be named Madalyn Rose,  in October. So that is a third little girl to be welcomed into our family during this year. My cousin on the left, Natasha, is being induced tonight. Her baby girl will be here sometime this weekend.

I definitely can’t wait for these three little girls to grow up together. :]


Thirty One Weeks – Bump Update

Nine more weeks! Austin and I definitely can’t wait for our little girl to get here. :]

Yesterday I had another doctor’s appointment. Everything is going really well. I’m measuring at thirty-one centimeters for thirty-one weeks. My results from the three hour glucose test were available and I do not have gestational diabetes. Really good news for us since I pretty worried about it. Lilah is also already facing head down, which seemed a bit early to me, but I guess it isn’t since my doctor seemed pretty happy about it.

Week: Thirty-one

Baby is the size of: a pineapple.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty Weight: 156

Weight Gain: 21

Movement: Yep. Very active in the mornings when Austin comes home from work. She seems to know his work schedule and is always kicking whenever he is due to come home from work, due to go to work, and when he is on his breaks.

Food Cravings: Mangos. I’ve ate so many of them this week.

Food Aversions: None really.

Symptoms: The usual: Still having back pain. My pelvic area is expanding so I’ve been having problems with my right hip. I feel like an elderly women anytime I try to go from side to side when laying down or getting up from laying or sitting.

Looking forward to: Finishing Lilah’s room. It’s a mess of boxes, gift bags, and things just laying around. We definitely need her crib and dresser to get here so her things can be put up. I also get to see my favorite aunt on Monday. She lives in North Carolina and we haven’t seen her since Christmas when we told the family I’m pregnant. I was about eight weeks then, so she has yet to see my baby bump. I hope Lilah isn’t being stubborn on Monday so that my aunt can feel her move.

Recently bought: We haven’t bought anything. We’re still going through everything that we got already had and everything we got at the shower last week. I believe we’re going next week to pick up a few things.

Baby Shower

Yesterday, I had my baby shower. Even though I was having back and leg pains, I had a good time. We got a lot of stuff for Miss Lilah. On top of all of the clothes we got, we also got a tub, pack’n’play, rocker (which is a substitute for a bouncer), a stroller and car seat, and a few other little things like toys, a couple packs of diapers, and a hand and foot print set.






We couldn’t be happier with the things we got today. We do still need a few things, like an activity gym, receiving blankets, and of course diapers and wipes, but we still have ten weeks to get plenty of diapers, wipes, and receiving blankets. Austin and I are also contemplating getting a Bumbo seat. We aren’t for sure about it, but we keep hearing good things about it.

Today we also took a picture of the three cousins who are all pregnant at the same time. My cousin, Natasha, is thirty-seven weeks, I’m thirty weeks, and my cousin, Ginny, is almost five months.


Thirty Weeks – Bump Update

My baby shower is in a few hours. :] I know that Miss Lilah is going to be super spoiled after the baby shower. Can’t wait to hang out with family and friends and see what they all got for my baby girl.



Week: Thirty

Baby is the size of: a cucumber.

Gender: Girl

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds

Week Thirty Weight: 156.8

Weight Gain: 21.8

Movement: Yep. All the time anymore.

Food Cravings: Still spicy food even though it gives Miss Lilah the hiccups.

Food Aversions: None really.

Symptoms: The usual: back pain, leg cramps, and Lilah laying on my sciatic nerve.

Looking forward to: Baby shower later today.

Recently bought: Austin and I bought her a little outfit and a pair of sandals to go with her many sundresses.