Must Haves for Months Five and Six

Time for another must haves post. Lilah will be six months old on Tuesday and the things that she loves have definitely changed since she was four months old. Last ust haves, she still used her swing to help with bed time every night and for every nap she took. She no longer uses the swing unless we put her in it so we can do something or on occasion a nap. Her favorite pacifier is a completely different brand now.

1. Baby Food


With Lilah now being almost six months old, the food she eats is so interesting. Honestly, one of my favorite times of each day is her breakfast and lunch time. She eats a variety of brands of baby food and eats almost everything except for a couple vegetables. Luckily those vegetables that she’s not crazy about are hidden in many things she eats. She also now eats yogurt. We usually give it to her once every two or three days since it is something new for her.

We give her Ella’s Kitchen, Sprout, Happy Baby, Plum Organics, and Gerber. She loves mangos, sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches, and squash. I prefer to giver her Sprout, Happy Baby, and Ella’s Kitchen, but Gerber is definitely easier for us to find in our local stores.

2. Baby Juice


Since her four month check up, we’ve been giving Lilah juice. Recently, we started giving her yogurt juice and it’s definitely another favorite of hers. Giving her juice gives her something else during the day and lessens the amount of formula she drinks by a little bit.

3. High Chair


Since we are now feeding her twice each day, this is something that gets a lot of use. I’m very thankful that Austin’s parents bought us this. We chose the Graco DuoDiner LX highchair. One thing I love about this highchair is the fact that it lasts for a long time. This highchair actually converts to a booster seat. The highchair can be used until the child is 37 pounds and then the booster can be used until the child is 60 pounds. I know we’ll get a lot of use out of this over the next few years.

Lilah loves spending time in her highchair. Especially now that she reach the tray she loves spending time with me in the kitchen.

4. Toys from Christmas

Lilah’s first Christmas definitely brought her many new toys. She has a few favorites already and loves playing with these few specific things over anything else.

The first is the car that she got. This was her big gift from Santa and it is definitely her favorite gift from Christmas. She can spend thirty minutes playing with it and sometimes even longer.


She also loves the Clack and Slide ball from Bright Starts. We call it her weapon of choice because the first time she played with it she hit Austin in the head with it three times in a row.

0007445109051_500X5005. Nighttime Soothers


We still use the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine. I can’t imagine putting her down for naps or bed without it. We have three dogs who are very loud and she has become somewhat of a light sleeper at times and this sound machine drowns them out.

Another Christmas gift that she uses daily is the Gloworm from Playskool. If she happen to wake up during the middle of the night or fights sleep a little, turning this on puts her right back to sleep.

My mom also bought her a nightlight for Christmas. She got it in Sofia the First since Lilah loves the show. It helps keep a little bit of light in her room without keeping her awake.

6. MAM Pacifiers

images ImageServer

Since the end of November, Lilah has had a new favorite pacifier. On Black Friday, I left her Nuk in the car while we were in Meijer and the only one I had in the diaper bag was a MAM. Ever since then, she won’t take anything except for a MAM. I actually love these way more than than Nuk pacifiers because Lilah can put it back in her mouth and it doesn’t matter which way she puts it in. With her Nuk, if she didn’t put it in the right way she was not happy.


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