A Day in the Life: 19 Weeks

This is a pretty typical day for us. Lilah did wake up a little earlier than she usually does and she took an extra nap that she usually doesn’t take, but this is an example of our normal days.


6:00 am: I wake up. I usually wake up between 6 and 6:30 to work on homework. Today I had a few things left to do for my Excel certification class. I was able to get that assignment done and turned in, as well as complete and turn in the one due next Monday.

7:12 am: Lilah wakes up. This is a little early for her, but I’m assuming it’s because she went to sleep a little earlier than usual the night before. I change her diaper, get her dressed for the day, and feed her a bottle. She drinks four ounces of formula, burbs, and then relaxes with me for a few minutes.

7:30 am: She starts getting fussy again and is acting like she’s hungry again, so I put her in her highchair and fix her some food. Today she’s having half a pouch of apples mangos, and orange and some oatmeal cereal.

7:45 am: Once done with her breakfast, she sits in her highchair at the table and “talks” to papaw. This has become a regular part of her mornings and it gives me a little more time to work on homework before Austin gets home.

8:50 am: Austin’s home. Lilah’s happy, but not for too long. I change her diaper and we try to get her to take a nap.

9:20 am: Lilah’s down for a nap. Austin and I eat breakfast and then go watch a couple episodes of Undercover Boss on Netflix. I pass out for an hour.

10:45 am: Lilah wakes up from her nap. I change her diaper and Austin feeds her a bottle. She takes three ounces before she starts to just play with the nipple.

11:00 am: Plays on the floor with some toys while I catch up on some school emails, which includes trying to find my voucher to take my certification test on Thursday, and Austin washes bottles.

12:00 pm: Austin watches Lilah while I take a shower. After I shower, he goes to bed.

1:00 pm: Lilah’s in her swing. She was showing all of her usual signs of being tired, but is definitely fighting it. I let her play with a toy while I work on homework for another class.

1:45 pm: Definitely didn’t take a nap. I change her diaper, find a bow to go with her outfit, and take her pictures. Now she is definitely cranky and ready for another nap.




2:10 pm: Feed her 3 ounces of formula and she passes out in my arms. I let her stay there for awhile because anymore she really doesn’t like to cuddle.


2:45 pm: I move her to her swing. She wakes up a little, but goes right back to sleep.

4:45 pm: Lilah wakes up from her nap. She’s in a much better mood now. I let her completely wake up before I get her out of the swing.

5:00 pm: I change her diaper and feed her. She eats the rest of a pouch that was in the fridge from the day before. She eats The Red One with rice cereal and then 3.5 ounces of formula.

5:30: I put her in her seat and let her watch an episode of Sofia the First while Austin and I eat dinner.

6:00 pm: Play time. This helps wear her out a little bit before bed.

7:00 pm: Bath time. We usually give Lilah a bath every night. On occassion, we skip a bath, but the bath signals to her that it’s bed time, so we rarely do this.

7:15 pm: Lilah gets dried off, lotion is rubbed on, and a diaper and sleeper is put on.

7:25 pm: Lilah gets a bottle. She usually drinks between 6 to 8 ounces at bedtime. Tonight she drank six ounces.

8:30 pm: She’s in her crib and asleep for the night. For me it’s back to homework and relaxing for a little while.

10:30 pm: I head to bed, but I don’t actually fall asleep until closer to midnight. It was another night of homework for me.


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